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Mo Cisse


Our story began decades ago, when my family immigrated to the United States from West Africa in pursuit of the American Allure. My Mother was a small business owner who made a living making tailored clothing for men and women locally and internationally. As a child, I modeled her clothing line in fashion shows, never knowing that one day I would follow in her foot steps and have a line of my own.


When I finished college in the U.S, I fell into a life of mediocrity. I knew I was meant to do greater things. I decided to leave my old life behind, put everything on the line, and pursue my passion. Inspired by two dear friends, in 2015, I set out on my journey to live my dream and our company Meraki Allure was born.


As we solidified and scaled that business, in the midst of unprecedented world changes and extended time at home due to the pandemic, I began tapping into projects and ideas of mine that had been laying dormant for years now. This imposed time at home allowed me to finally complete passion and legacy projects that resulted to building our McLifestyles coaching platform and bring to life other creative projects through The American Allure education brand in effort to expand more of my gifts and elevate more lives.


Our intent here is to impress upon you any challenge you face can be temporary. It's up to you to choose your narrative and where you want to end up. You can choose to be a victim or a victor of your circumstances. Like me and family, we chose to take chances, seek the unfamiliar, and reach for something that most people only dream of. My journey has been one of faith, persistence and triumphs. The foundation my Mother and other amazing individuals gave me has made me profoundly grateful for all the opportunities and support I have.


As we begin this journey together, my sincerest hope and wish is that you allow us to help you build a wholistic quality lifestyle and successes that will have generational impact on you and your loved ones. Additionally, I hope you pay it forward to inspire others to awaken, honor, and fulfill their personal passion and greatness within. So please join us on this journey and help us create more well rounded leaders. Cheers to you finding and living in your purpose and gifts. 


- Mo Cisse Founder & CEO

Our Mission

Create a series of wholistic lifestyle coaching services to align with our clients passion and life purpose by building relatable, unique, and personalized coaching experiences that create lasting change.



Our Vision

To revolutionize personal development and personal coaching while becoming a global standard in providing well rounded leaders that achieve wholistic duplicatable success in multiple areas of their lives while elevating the lives of everyone they influence.



Our Core Values


  • Quality - provide proven and credible methods that ensures the best results for our clients

  • Integrity - work in transparency and uphold the highest quality standards in all that we do.

  • Show Gratitude and focus on progress, not perfection - value our people, encourage development and reward success.

  • Courage to innovate – never back down from opportunities to be bold and creative. We don’t just make ideas; we make ideas happen.

  • Encourage diversity - infuse the ability to think independently together and always keep an open ear. In diversity lies beauty and strength.


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